No Bones Day/Bones Day Collar Charms

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Add this fun charm to your pet's collar to let people know if it's a bones or no bones kind of day. If your pet is pretty consistent with what type of day they'll have, you can choose a single tag. Otherwise, we have a two pack that includes both tag options - this way you can change the tags out depending on their mood.

What does bones day mean?
If Noodle, a Tik Tok famous pug, wakes up with "bones", then it is going to be a good day. It is a similar concept to a groundhog, but much for year-round friendly. E.g. It's a bones day, so I am going to go out for tacos.

What does a no bones day mean?
A day where you have no bones, so you cannot get out of bed. If Noodle wakes up and flops back down, then it is a no bones day. E.g. I'm going to lay in bed and watch Netflix all day because it is a no bones day.

We use 1/2" tags and the text is hand stamped into the metal. Personalized dog name tag NOT included and is only to show the charm in use.

All tags come assembled with a 12mm split ring. We recommend placing this tag onto the split ring of your pet's name tag. If you plan to put the charm directly onto your pet's collar, please request a larger split ring (in the notes at checkout) and we would be happy to provide it.

Note: You know your pet best - if they are prone to chewing on their tags or collar, only use charms with supervision.