Crochet Goldfish Cat Toy

Regular price $12

This goldfish toy is infused with Fluff Pet Care’s Catnip Spray, and is a stimulating toy for your cat to play with. Watch your fluffy friend bat this toy around for hours. Made with acrylic yarn, this cute little toy is vegan-friendly. Toy contains a bell cat toy inside.

Toy is available without catnip infusion for cats who do not like catnip, or other animals such as bunnies.

This listing is for one toy. All other items are props and are for photo purposes only.

Note: Your pet’s safety is important to us! This is not a chew toy. This toy is well constructed, but it is not indestructible. Remove if you see any signs of deterioration and replace with new toy. Keep out of reach of children, this product is for pets only.

Approx. Measurements:
6 1/2" from nose to back
4 1/2" length
10 1/2" around middle, length-wise