Our fluffy friends are so important to us, which is why Fluff creates handmade, unique products that you and your pet will be proud to own. We want our products to evoke happiness and comfort, which is why we use the softest rope, the best ingredients, and the most efficient packaging.

Everything in our line is vegan because all animals are important to us. We use candelilla wax (instead of traditional beeswax) in our Snoot Cream. We also use acrylic wools for our pom poms, and cotton shirts.


About the Creator

My name is Laura and I started Fluff Pet Care in February of 2017. I have always had such a strong love of animals, and after not being able to find the pet care products that I had in mind, I decided to create my own. I work hard to ensure you are getting the best possible products for yourself and your pets. Being able to run my own business and interact with so many animals has brought my life so much joy! So thank YOU for helping make my small business a success. 

A little more about me:  I love podcasts, design, and hanging out with as many dogs as possible. I have my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Criminology, and I minored in Anthrozoology. Before Fluff, I didn't feel I was living my life to its fullest potential - so I decided to change that. I quit my job and threw myself into my passion full force. If you have any questions for me, please don't hesitate to reach out.