"Marble Sky" Dog Collar

Regular price $20

You love marble, so your dog probably does too! This collar is the perfect accessory for your pup. Featuring gold hardware, this beautiful collar will turn heads everywhere you guys go.

Collar is lined with a sturdy, nylon webbing, and has a soft, cotton outer side. Hand wash collar to avoid any scratches on the hardware.

We are currently switching this collar over to black nylon webbing. It is a very minor difference, but please note that it may look slightly different than the listing photos.

Please make sure you measure your dog before ordering. The Collar Size Chart dog breed examples are based on dogs who have purchased the collar, but they are only examples. You can measure your dog's neck, or you can measure a current collar that they own.


XS - Width: 2.0cm, Length: 15-25cm
Small - Width: 2.0cm, Length: 20cm-30.5cm
Medium - Width: 2.0cm, Length: 33cm-43cm
Large - Width: 2.0cm, Length: 38.1cm-61cm
XL - Width: 2.5cm, Length: 43cm-66cm