Soft Cuddler Pet Bed/Blanket

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Bunny/cat/dog bed made of chunky knit yarn. We use 100% acrylic yarn to make this pet bed. Fluff Pet Care is determined to having vegan, animal-friendly items.

This item is handmade and is offered in various sizes. If you would like to customize it in any way, please don’t hesitate to send us a message.

This particular wool is very soft and will stand up-right once placed on the ground. It is great for cuddling your pet - you are able to use this bed as a little pouch for your pet to lay in, as you hold him or her. 

Measurements may change within a few inches due to the natural movement of the yarn. Dry clean or gently hand-wash with soap. Please expect small variations due to the handmade nature of this item.


>> 15" - SMALL - Suitable for rabbits - 15" in diameter.
>> 18" - MEDIUM - Suitable for cats - 18" in diameter.
>> 22" - LARGE - Suitable for small-medium dogs - 22" in diameter.

For larger dogs, we are able to make a chunky knit mat for you. Send us a message to discuss further details.