10 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

It’s definitely starting to heat up outside! Dog's don't sweat like we do, so they sometimes need a little help to keep cool. Here are some tips for keeping your dog as safe and comfortable as possible during the summer heat.

1. Go for Walks in the Morning or at Night

By going out before or after the sun is in its prime time, your walk will be a little cooler, and a lot more enjoyable. 

2. Test Out the Sidewalk

Touch the pavement with the back of your hand. If you are unable to keep it there for five seconds, it’s too hot for your dog’s feet.

3. Keep Your Pup Hydrated

Bring water with you while you are out and make sure he or she is consistently drinking water throughout the day. However, never let your dog drink from any outside water (puddles, streams, etc.) Check out this portable water bottle.

4. Buy a Cooling Mat

These are great for your dog to lay on while hanging out in the backyard, or after coming in from a walk. Most fold up, so you can bring them with you on your travels.

5. Get Your Dog a Kiddie Pool to Hang Out In

We got Stella a kiddie pool a few years ago so she can lay in it while we are outside. She loves to run through it and she will lay down in it when she's tired.

And hey, no judgement if you hang out in it from time to time...

6. Make Some Pupsicles!

Dogs love a good frozen treat. This one only contains three ingredients and is super simple to make. They can eat it while they're outside with you hanging out :)

7. Put Ice Cubes in Their Water Bowl

Add ice cubes to your dog's water dish to make their drink extra cool. Stella loves taking them out to nibble on!

8. Get Your Dog a Misting Fan

These are a cheap and easy way of cooling your dog down. They're also portable, which makes them great to bring on walks or to the dog park. 

9. Find Pet Friendly Stores

As we all know, never leave your pet in a hot car. Not even for a few minutes. Instead, leave your pet at home OR find some pet friendly stores that you can both enjoy! Here is a list of some, but you can also Google your city's name, followed by, "pet friendly stores.” I frequently bring Maggie to Canadian Tire with me to get supplies for making my leashes, and she loves it!

10. Give Your Dog a Shady Area

If you’re going to be outside for a bit, make sure your dog has somewhere cool to go if he or she gets too hot. This pet canopy is great if you don’t have a lot of trees in your yard.

I hope these tips were helpful! Please always keep your pet's safety as your number one priority, and have a great summer with your fluffy friend :) Comment below what your summer plans are for you and your dog - I'd love to hear them.



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