About the Business

Featuring handcrafted accessories for you and your pet, you’ll be sure to find items you’ll be proud to own. Our entire line is inspired by a love of animals, and all products are pet-safe.
We are based out of Windsor, ON. Our office space is located at 2117 Pelissier St. At checkout, you can choose to pick up your order here. 

About the Creator

Laura started Fluff Pet Care in 2017. She has always had such a strong love of animals, and after not being able to find the pet care products that she had in mind, she decided to create her own.
Her objective is to create products that will really let your pet’s personality shine through. She creates unique products that are both stylish and fun.
She also loves podcasts, design, and hanging out with as many dogs as possible. Running her small business has been a dream come true, so we thank all of you for supporting Fluff ♥