Easy Fashion Trends for Fall 2017 (Animal-Friendly Options)

Easy Fall Fashion Trends

As promised, The Fluff Blog will not just be a pet-related blog! Yes, I still want to keep it animal friendly - there are a lot of fall trends that use animals, so I will be highlighting some alternative options - but this post is mainly just to talk about the fall 2017 fashion trends. 

For the past three or so years, I was stuck wearing a uniform every day to work. This was a huge change from my last job, which was a large clothing retailer, but I quickly came to love it for its simplicity. However, now that I'm able to pick out my clothing every day, I'm falling in love with fashion all over again. I prefer pieces that are easy, but still look cute. I accessorize a lot with jewelry, and love to do my makeup. That being said, I have been researching what's good and what the people are doing for fall fashion. While most of the New York Fashion Week trends are pretty wild, there are definitely wearable options out there. I've weeded through all the nonsense and compiled a list of fall fashion trends for the girl who wants to know what's going on, but isn't looking to try too hard. 

Red fashion trend


For as much as I normally don't like wearing red, I'm surprisingly excited about this trend. Sometimes you just need to hear a certain colour is okay, and suddenly the possibilities are endless. The particular shade that is in style is a bright, fire-engine red. The bolder, the better. I've been obsessed with this East Coast Lifestyle sweatshirt. I don't live on the East Coast, but that didn't stop me from getting it! Look how cute it is on.

slouch boots fashion trend

Slouch Boots

Think very 80s vibes for this one. Apparently over-the-knee boots are over, and slouchy boots are back in. Saint Laurent has one of the only pairs that truly caught my eye (buuuuuuut they're $10,000 and have a massive waiting list...) They're completely covered in rhinestones, and are absolutely stunning. Check out Rihanna wearing them here. For a more realistic and affordable option, check out these River Island glitter ankle boots, or these denim Dolls Kill boots that you can scrunch down a bit for the full effect. Lulu's and ASOS also have some great boots for the fall - just type "vegan boots" into their search bar to be shown some animal-friendly options.

gingham fashion trend


I know, plaid for fall... how original. But this plaid is a little bit different than the plaid we've been seeing recently - it has more of a 70s vibe. Equally as popular is gingham, which is sort of a black and white checkered pattern. It's super easy to add into your existing wardrobe, as it matches almost anything you already own. Forever 21 has an adorable, off the shoulder halter top in gingham print that will be the perfect transitional piece. 

metallic fashion trend

Metallics and Embellishments

Glitz and glam... my favourite things! Anything metallic or sparkly is super stylish right now. On a budget? Check out Amber Scholl for her amazing DIY's. It's super simple to add some sparkle to your existing pieces. I've even been seeing little shoe clip-ons to jazz your shoes up.

political statement fashion

Political Statement Shirts

Political statement shirts, a.k.a. "sloganeering" have been becoming increasingly popular. They're an easy way to express your beliefs about hot-button issues. Some popular ones you may have seen are, "My Body, My Choice," "We Are All Human Beings," and the straight-to-the-point one, "Feminist."  One of my favourite shirts with a message to wear is this one by Wholesome Culture, which reads, "Save Lives Eat Plants." I don't like anything too pushy, but I thought this one was super cute.

cruelty-free shearling faux shearling


The Bane jacket is back in style. Want to partake in this trend, but don't want to use actual shearling? Don't worry, I found some alternative options! This Dynamite jacket is a double whammy, featuring both faux leather and faux shearling. If you've got a little more money to spend, ASOS has this super cute faux suede/faux shearling coat that looks super comfy. If you're somewhere that doesn't get too cold, Forever 21 has some awesome faux shearling slides that are bedazzled! Two trends in one :)

menswear fashion trend


Particularly, masculine looking suits. But for a more realistic option, have you tried shopping for your regular, staple pieces in the menswear section? It's my new favourite thing. Everything seems comfier, and it's always way cheaper. I've been picking up t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts. Check out this article for more info on crossing over to the men's section. 

leisure suits fashion trend

Leisure Suits

With the growing popularity of self-care and comfortable clothing, it's no surprise that the leisure suit is back. No, this doesn't mean you can wear a velour tracksuit with "Juicy" across the butt... close, though. I really love these Faye Lace Up Joggers. Pair them with a plain black hoodie, and you've got a look that's both stylish, and comfy.

So there you have it - all the main trends I'm excited for! Some notable mentions that are also going to be popular this fall are victorian collars, velvet, and feathers. What trends are you going to try out?

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