Meet the Fluff Team!

Meet the Fluff Team!

While the team is mostly just me (Laura), I am constantly surrounded by my fluffy companions. Sometimes they even model for my products! As soon as my boyfriend, Warren, and I got our first apartment about 5 years ago, I begged for a cat... He said no, and then we got a cat! His name is Marbles, and we got him from Kittenaide in Windsor, ON. 

As with all of our animals, they have a pretty sad story - but I promise they're happy now! When we got Marbles, he had four legs, but the one leg was dislocated from being thrown out of a car window. It was beyond repair, and was eventually amputated (I swear this story gets better). Marbles recovered like a champ and gets around completely fine now. He's very shy, though, so most people never see him. 

After Marbles, we got Sugar! She is also from Kittenaide, and was so tiny when we first got her. She had just had surgery on her stomach because her intestines were twisted (which Kittenaide suspected was from being kicked). She is the friendliest cat and will come running if you call her name. Her favourite song is You Are My Sunshine and she stands up any time she's curious - like when she has a camera in her face (see below).


Shortly after getting Sugar, we bought a house. This meant more room, and most importantly, a backyard. It wasn't long until we got Stella from the Windsor-Essex County Humane Society. She is considered a "Shepherd X" or "mix." We think she's part Lab with potentially some Hound. She was brought in as a stray and had "happy tail," where she would get so excited, and whip her tail so hard, that it would bleed. But how can you be upset about that? She's just that happy. We eventually figured out how to cure her, and now she's perfectly healthy! 

Finally, after fostering dogs for a year, we (I) decided that it would be an amazingly rewarding experience to adopt a senior dog. We got Maggie from Second Chance Animal Rescue, also in Windsor, ON. She is 9 years old and came here from Texas. Her owner passed away and she was given to a family member. That person could not care for her and left her tied up underneath a trailer. Luckily, someone found Maggie and after a long journey, she was able to join our family. She is extremely timid and nervous, but she's also one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met. 

Thank you for taking the time to read the first Fluff blog post and for getting to know us. Make sure to follow the Fluff Instagram if you want to see more of these guys:

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