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Dog Paw Balm

Dog Paw Balm

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This balm is perfect for healing those dry, cracked paws our dogs tend to get, especially in the wintertime. It can also be used on their noses, or anywhere else that needs a little love.

In the summertime, apply this balm before walks. The heat from the sidewalk can be damaging to dog's paws. Always touch the pavement first - if it's too hot for your hand, it's too hot for your dog to walk on it.

Directions: Apply a pea-sized amount onto dry spots to moisturize and condition. Use as often as needed.

2oz paw balm in glass packaging.

Use within 6 months to ensure the best quality.
Store in a cool dry place to ensure no separation of oils. If your product accidentally melts, simply stick it into the fridge for about 30 minutes and it will be as good as new. If your product seems hard, warm up with fingertips or store in a room temperature area.
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