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Tiny Engraved Pet Tag

Tiny Engraved Pet Tag

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This mini engraved pet ID tag is the perfect addition to your pet’s wardrobe. Measuring at 5/8", this tag is great for small cats, XS dogs, tiny puppies, and senior dogs. The tag features your pet’s name, as well as a design on the front.

You can also choose to add your phone number to the back of the tag. Due to the size of the tag, we can do one phone number OR "Chipped".

>> Typically 6-7 letters will fit across using the font size as displayed. If your pet's name is longer, we can fit it but please note the font may have to be made a little bit smaller in order to accommodate it. If your pet's name is very long, please send us a message beforehand to ensure we can accommodate it.

>> Phone number OR "Chipped". There is also an option to leave the back of the tag blank.

>> We use premium brass and nickel silver tags. All tags are put through a thorough polishing process, which helps buff out any scuffs and rounds the edges. Each tag comes with two 15mm split rings.

Please keep in mind that brass will tarnish over time as it is exposed to oxygen. It will eventually become more of an antiqued gold. To restore it, you can quickly clean it with a polishing cloth or any brass cleaner.

>> We recommend putting the split ring on your pet's collar first, and then attaching the tag to it.

Note: There may be slight variations between tags. We will do our best to always ensure its accuracy in comparison to the listing photos. Because the tags are a raw brass, there may be slight variations in colour between tags.
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